About us


The Sri Lanka Association for Improving Higher Education Effectiveness (acronym: SLAIHEE) is an association of higher education professionals dedicated to improving teaching and learning effectiveness by actively supporting educational developers and leaders in higher education in Sri Lanka.


SLAIHEE will transform higher education in Sri Lanka to empower linked individuals to become socially effective as productive, accountable and caring citizens.


Acting as a scholarly association, SLAIHEE will base its activities on proven and informed good practices, and work towards;

    • Preparing the products of university education so that their quality and relevance are appropriate to meet the changing needs of social accountability, socio-economic development and learning advancement of the country.
    • Ensuring that university staff and higher education policies would be sustainably strengthened to improve the effectiveness of higher education
    • Evaluating and adopting improved practices continuously in areas such as in teaching, learning, educational development and management in higher education


SLAIHEE is an independent not-for-profit organization, and includes persons interested in sharing the "vision", furthering the "aims" and demonstrating the "values" of SLAIHEE.


  • support existing as well as emerging aspects of educational development in the Sri Lankan universities so as to make it relevant and applicable to the Sri Lankan development context
  • assist in the transfer of socially relevant higher education policy as university practice
  • provide a forum for the sharing of current and emerging ideas and information on teaching, learning and management in the university setting
  • contribute to the professional development of members and to maintain activities to sustain their teaching-learning and management interests and advancement
  • recognize the significance of adopting effective management and leadership practices in the enhancement of university education
  • disseminate scholarship on teaching and learning
  • recognise and reward outstanding contributions to teaching excellence, and educational and organisational leadership in university education
  • enhance, with regard to the staff of the higher education sector;
    workingconditions and remuneration
    • workingconditions and remuneration
    • opportunities for exposure to the world beyond the local university setting
    • opportunities for postgraduate education - so as to recruit and retain the calibre of excellent, committed staff needed to improve and sustain university effectiveness
  • to link with other national and international organizations having related interests


Activities of SLAIHEE

Activities that SLAIHEE will undertake will include the following;

  • Developing tools and materials to assist educational development, such as booklets, software, posters, videos.
  • Publishing newspaper and journal articles, newsletters, booklets, journal/s, Occasional Publications on staff and educational development.
  • Conducting workshops and courses for professional development of university staff.
  • Undertaking consultancy, related to higher education, for universities and outside organizations.
  • Encouraging research in learning and staff/educational development
  • Conducting research conferences.
  • Lobbying appropriate state and university bodies to improve existing practices and to adopt necessary changes in policy and practice.
  • Identifying and promoting, periodically, the adoption of ethical learning-educational practices to meet existing and emerging institutional and national needs.
  • Assisting HE institutions to map needs and to identify strategies to transform existing practices.
  • Affording regular opportunity/ies to the membership to reflect on their practice and future development needs through engagement with learning resources, including courses, workshops, peers, experiential opportunities.