The Sri Lanka Association for Improving Higher Education Effectiveness (acronym: SLAIHEE) is an association of higher education professionals dedicated to improving teaching and learning effectiveness by actively supporting educational developers and leaders in higher education in Sri Lanka.


Thought for the week

Group work can become frustrating if a group member puts all his or her energy into expressing his or her view and no energy at all into listening to others and reaching understanding as a group. But group work misfires also when a group member puts no energy at all into the group effort, quickly agreeing with the first statement offered and deciding that the conversation is over. There is a middle road between the monopolizing tendencies of Egothink and the passive stances of Clonethink.

What leads to an excellent discussion? All members agree to an extended conversation in which all share their views. When they move gradually but steadily toward the integration and synthesis of views, creative, high-energy, and effective learning occurs among all members of the group.

- Martha Reineke