The Sri Lanka Association for Improving Higher Education Effectiveness (acronym: SLAIHEE) is an association of higher education professionals dedicated to improving teaching and learning effectiveness by actively supporting educational developers and leaders in higher education in Sri Lanka.

Thought for the week

This week, 5th Sep 2016: SLAIHEE thoughts will focus on essay-type answers at different levels of SOLO (Biggs & Collis, 1982)

"An answer in the missing the point (pre-structural category) has failed to address the issue at all. This type of answer arises in examinations when students know nothing about the question. They also occur when students misinterpret an essay topic."

Kember, D., & Ginns, P. (2012). Evaluating teaching and learning: A practical handbook for colleges, universities and the scholarship of teaching. New York : Routledge, p.91